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Natural Gas Vehicles

Natural Gas VehiclesIt's Clean: Natural gas produces 20-30% fewer emissions than gasoline or diesel

It's Economical: Natural gas is less expensive to use as a vehicle fuel than gasoline or diesel

It's Abundant: Natural gas is produced right here in the United States. America has over a 100 year supply of natural gas!

Increasing demand for natural gas usage as an alternative to carbon-rich transportation fuels like gasoline and diesel is an important way to reduce air emissions – and EQT is at the forefront of this initiative. In July 2011, we opened a public–access compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station in Pittsburgh, PA, and began using the conversion of our corporate fleet as a demonstration project to help other fleet owners learn more about the benefits of natural gas. Using that knowledge, we were able to provide technical assistance to several companies in the vicinity of our CNG station, and through the EQT Foundation, we also helped several Pittsburgh-based nonprofits replace existing service vehicles with NGVs.