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Number of Natural Gas Vehicles

  • 15.1 million natural gas-powered vehicles (NGVs) in the world (end of 2011)
  • 150,000 of them are in the United States


Compared to petroleum-based fuels, natural gas
  • is nearly $2 per gallon less (equivalent Btu basis)
  • has been less expensive for the last five years


Replacing petroleum fuels with natural gas can reduce
  • Particulate matter emissions by as much as 77%
  • Nitrogen oxide emissions by as much as 94%
  • Volatile organic compound emissions by as much as 55%
  • Carbon monoxide emissions by as much as 90%
  • Greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 29%

Gas Supply

  • U.S. Natural gas reserves contain over 120 years of supply
  • U.S. contains approximately 2,552 Tcf of recoverable natural gas resources

Energy Independence

  • U.S. spends $1 billion per day purchasing foreign oil
  • U.S. has enough natural gas to fuel all of its passenger cars for the next 100 years


  • Every $1 million of output created by natural gas production in the Pennsylvania Marcellus creates 6.9 jobs in the Commonwealth