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Appalachian Footprint

Appalachian Footprint

Natural gas is an efficient, clean-burning fuel source that is becoming increasingly used for power generation, as well as residential, industrial, and commercial uses. The abundant reserves in the Appalachian Basin provide a reliable domestic fuel source, with significant positive effects on jobs and our nation's economic prosperity, competitiveness, and security - and EQT is one of the leading producers in the region.

Production Footprint

With a planned investment of approximately $1.3 billion for well development in 2017, EQT continues to be a formidable player in Appalachian Basin natural gas production. EQT plans to drill approximately 207 wells in 2017, including 119 Marcellus wells, 81 Upper Devonian wells, and seven Utica wells.

Through continuing improvements to its drilling capabilities in unconventional reservoirs, EQT’s existing Appalachian acreage position offers greater promise, and the company is extremely well poised to maintain its position as a leader in Appalachian production.

Drilling Rights

EQT has secured the drilling rights to approximately 3.6 million acres of land across the Appalachian Basin and other basins, including property in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Texas, and Virginia. We strive to use the most efficient and environmentally responsible drilling techniques to ensure we leave the land as we found it.