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Safety Practices

Safety is a core value at EQT, and we will not compromise on this to gain a business advantage. We are committed to providing a safe and healthful workplace for our employees and vendors, maintaining and operating our equipment responsibly, and creating a safe environment for communities located near EQT operations. Our Environment, Health, and Safety policy formalizes our dedication to creating and maintaining a zero-injury culture.

Commitment to a Safe Work Environment

We are dedicated to personal and process safety, and committed to providing a safe working environment for our employees. We promote a culture of safety by recognizing excellence in safety performance while aggressively addressing opportunities for improvement. In addition to meeting or exceeding all applicable laws and regulations, the company has developed detailed procedures for the safe use of company equipment and provides extensive training to company employees regarding best practices to ensure that their work environment remains safe for themselves, their co-workers, and the community at large. EQT employees also play an important role in making sure that each worker returns home safely at the end of the day; every worker, regardless of title or work responsibilities, has the full authority and responsibility to stop any unsafe work activity. 

Our Safety Record

EQT closely monitors its health and safety performance, risks, and statistics to ensure safe work sites, proper employee training and motivation to work safely, and the continuous identification and evaluation of opportunities to improve. 

We routinely inspect all of our locations for compliance with safety regulations, and our safety data suggests that our efforts are working. In 2016, our Lost Time Accident (LTA) rate dropped from 0.36 incidents to 3.0 incidents per every 200,000 person-hours worked. This was our tenth consecutive year with an LTA rate less than 0.50, which is the industry average.

Vehicle safety is another important component of our program. To help reduce the number of vehicle-related incidents, we implemented a comprehensive suite of driver training programs and procedures for EQT employees to create awareness of potential hazards and show employees how to avoid them. The ongoing effectiveness of employee safe vehicle operation has been dramatic. Our 2016 Preventable Vehicle Accident rate was 0.85, which is down from 0.94 in 2015 and 1.45 in 2014. 

Pipeline Safety

Another important aspect of ensuring community safety is the design and maintenance of the two million miles of pipeline infrastructure in America that transports natural gas from the well to the marketplace. 

EQT has a strong record of pipeline safety. We are continually building new, more technologically-advanced pipelines that offer improved safety features. We also constantly monitor our pipeline system, looking for any possible problems. EQT maintains clear rights-of-way above many of our underground pipelines for safety reasons so that we can have unlimited access for routine maintenance and in times of emergencies.

Our team prepares and trains for natural disasters and emergencies, working in conjunction with area first responders and even Homeland Security. To date, EQT Midstream has not had to implement any of the emergency training scenarios, but EQT wants you to know we are prepared for any possibility.