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EQT CNG Fueling Station

EQT is helping drive energy independence with one of our country’s most abundant resources – natural gas. Increasing demand for natural gas usage as an alternative to carbon-rich transportation fuels such as gasoline and diesel is another method of reducing air emissions – and EQT is at the forefront of this initiative.

With the assistance of a $700,000 grant received from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, EQT opened a public-access compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station in Pittsburgh, PA in July 2011. Located in the historic Strip District, the station is in close proximity to an array of fleets able to take advantage of the fuel savings offered by conversion to CNG.

With the growing popularity and importance of this station to numerous fleets throughout the region, the station underwent an expansion in 2013 – adding two more service bays with 4 additional fueling nozzles.

In conjunction with this project, the Company is promoting the use of natural gas fleet vehicles, including its own, and plans to operate 15% of its light-duty vehicle fleet, more than 180 vehicles, on natural gas by the end of 2014. As our own transition continues, we are also working with other organizations to encourage infrastructure expansion so more new CNG fueling stations become available to fleets and the general public.

Fueling Station Details

2926 Smallman Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Phone: 855-264-3835

  • Public access 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
  • Private and commercial/industrial/ fleet vehicles welcome
  • Payment by credit card only:
    - Visa
    - Visa Fleet
    - Visa Corp.
    - MasterCard
    - MasterCard Fleet
    - Discover (Novus)
    - Wright Express
  • Fast fill – 3600 psi fill pressure only
  • 8 fueling nozzles – 1 high flow