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America’s spirit of independence and ingenuity will not allow us to be dependent on foreign energy when domestic resources are at hand. That’s why EQT works to deliver domestic natural gas, abundant in the Appalachian Basin, to regions throughout the northeastern states, not only through production, but also by developing and operating new midstream gathering infrastructure.

Through a network of gathering pipes, EQT collects natural gas from wellheads across the Appalachian region and moves it to third party processing facilities. There, gas is treated to ensure it meets quality standards required by major interstate and intrastate pipelines. This is a critical step in the transport of natural gas to market, because gas that is not within specified gravities, pressures, Btu content ranges, or water content ranges, can cause serious damage to pipelines.

EQT Midstream's gathering system includes approximately 8,250 miles of gathering lines - including 1,500 miles of FERC-regulated, low pressure gathering lines owned by EQT Midstream Partners (EQM), and 185 miles of high pressure gathering lines not subject to federal rate regulation, also owned by EQM.

As of December 31, 2015, the EQT Marcellus gathering capacity was approximately 2,000 MMcf per day, consisting of approximately 1,405 MMcf per day in Pennsylvania and approximately 595 MMcf per day in West Virginia.