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We believe in meaningful engagement with the communities we call home, and take great pride in our role as both a responsible and responsive corporate citizen.

Our commitment to the greater good is an essential component of our core values and propels us to make positive contributions whenever we can.  At EQT, we want to share the benefits we've received by looking for opportunities that will be beneficial to others.  It makes good business sense.  And, it's the right thing to do.

As President of the EQT Foundation, I believe it's up to us to take the lead in partnering with communities in an effort to make them even better places to live and work.  Since the EQT Foundation was established in 2003, we have donated more than $37 million throughout our operating areas.  We are committed to helping communities prosper by supporting education for our children; encouraging the development of diverse neighborhoods; supporting the environment and preservation of local natural resources; and sponsoring local programs that promote greater understanding and appreciation of arts and culture.

Take a look around this section and at the EQT Foundation's signature initiatives.  You'll see that it's important to us that we contribute to the betterment of our communities in a meaningful way.  Through our Foundation, the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program and our encouragement to our employees to volunteer with nonprofit organizations, we actively work and contribute to building a better today and a better tomorrow.


Charlene Petrelli
President, EQT Foundation