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What We Do Not Support

Despite our best efforts, the Foundation does not have the resources to provide financial support to all of the worthwhile programs and organizations that work so diligently to tackle the growing social and economic needs of our communities. With this in mind, the Foundation will not consider proposals for the following:

  • Institutions, organizations or groups that are not tax exempt under IRS Section 501(c) (3)
  • Capital campaigns (includes endowments, new construction and building renovations, mortgage/rent/insurance/utility/moving costs, infrastructure improvements, etc.)
  • Churches or other organizations whose purpose promotes a particular religious faith or creed
  • Political parties, candidates, or public policy advocates
  • For-profit activities, businesses, associations or organizations
  • Tax-supported entities (including public school systems)
  • Fraternal, social, union or hobby/recreational clubs or organizations
  • Before/After school programs
  • Individuals/Personnel
  • Sporting events, including charity golf outings
  • Mentorship programs (other than ASPIRE)
  • Emergency or stop-gap funding
  • Organizations whose mission, operating philosophy or activities conflict with company policy and could potentially damage the company‚Äôs reputation or could result in negative publicity for the company