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CSR 2016 Report

Natural gas is one of the most environmentally friendly fuel sources available, and EQT uses the safest, most reliable methods for producing, gathering, and transporting this clean energy. 

EQT has been in the natural gas business for nearly 130 years, and throughout our long history, we have dedicated ourselves to good corporate citizenship.  For us, that means respecting the environment, creating safe working conditions for our employees and contractors, taking care of the communities near our operations, and conducting our business ethically and with integrity.

EQT illustrates this commitment by supporting educational programs for children, and promoting community and economic development with training, mentorship, and program underwriting. We contribute to a strong, diverse community with our commitment to arts, culture, and heritage. We provide thousands of jobs, create business opportunities that provide direct and indirect economic boost to local economies throughout our operating region, and significantly benefit the U.S. economy as well. As our company grows, our contributions increase, creating benefits for investors, employees, suppliers, local business owners, and numerous other stakeholders.

Since 2012, EQT has published an annual sustainability report to demonstrate its commitment to transparency and accountability in its operations.   These reports complied with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines 3.1, with the GRI Oil and Gas Sector Supplement (OGSS).   Our 2016 report adheres to the newer GRI 4.0 standards, including the updated OGSS, and provides a more detailed account of our activities in categories that are most important to our stakeholders.  EQT’s 2016 publication adheres to the more extensive reporting requirements of the In Accordance – Comprehensive option for compliance with the GRI 4.0 standards, and discloses the information our stakeholders want to help them assess our performance in key areas such as governance, safety, environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic impact.

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